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Do you find that Grooms are sometimes forgotten about in wedding planning? Would it be because rumour has it women care a lot more about the details of their wedding than guys do. Is that true? Somewhat? To what extent?

I don’t think that’s entirely true. I think there are certain things men care more about and notice more than women do and so they may not care about florals or tablescape design but they do care about the drink options, music selections, and the food. They might be worried about not having enough time to celebrate with their new wife and friends and so confirming how late the venue can stay open might be of interest to them.

I think we sometimes tend to forget about the Groom or think the Groom is pretty easy going and focus more on the Bride. I’m really not about that at all! I always take the time to ask my couples what’s most important to them individually and as a couple. I won’t run an idea by the Bride only and not check-in with the Groom and I always make sure to ask the Bride to discuss planning details and decisions with the Groom first to get his opinion. IF we’ve all decided that for certain elements of the wedding the Groom doesn’t need to nor want to be involved, then that’s a different story. Otherwise, you’re both hiring us and so you’re both equally as important.

I took the time to interview three happily married men in my life and asked them to reminisce a little bit about their wedding day and what they cared about the most. Shoutout to my husband, brother-in-law, and cousin for helping me out with this post. ☺

Brother-in-Law: He wanted to make sure his Bride was happy all night and enjoyed every moment of the day. Nothing else. Super simple and straightforward.

Cousin: He’s a Type A, detail-oriented, logistical King so his biggest concern were the logistics. How was everything going to come together and would the wedding flow in an organic manner? He planned his own wedding!

Husband: I planned my own wedding so my Husband’s biggest concern was whether I would be able to truly relax and enjoy myself on the day of so he made me hire a wedding coordinator. Crazy me actually thinking I could coordinate my own wedding…ha.

It’s so interesting to get the perspective of a Groom because it’s not that they don’t care about the details of their wedding day, of course they do. It’s just that they focus on different things and you better believe when it’s time to discuss the aspects of the wedding that are most important to them, they’ll speak up.

Tip from a Planner: have a private discussion, as a couple, about how much each of you want to be involved in the planning process so you’re not leaving each other out. Communication is always key.

xo Amanda


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