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Wedding Planning Tips

Are you hosting your wedding or event over several days? Maybe you’re having a welcome party, your wedding day, and a farewell brunch or perhaps you’re hosting a really lavish multi-day Indian wedding? Multi-day affairs are actually our favourite weddings and events to plan and produce. Not only are they a logistical dream for us but it truly gives us the opportunity to work even more closely with our couples and their families and tell their story. With multi-day affairs, in our opinion, each day should be treated as a standalone event when it comes to logistics and execution but the entire weekend or several days of celebration should tell one cohesive story. 

From design, to entertainment, to gastronomic experiences – the entire series of events should feel like one big celebration. Your love story and/or the purpose of the event should be told and remain at the forefront of each day.

When designing your welcome party, wedding day, and your farewell activities – your guests should feel a sense of exclusivity, they should feel like they really are part of your community of VIPs and that they’re being welcomed into your world with open arms. Take your guests through the experience of knowing you and your partner on a deeper level so they can understand your union a little more, get an all-inclusive access to what you both love individually and as a couple. For example, you and your partner are both foodies but, one partner really loves out-of-the-box culinary experiences showcased via 4-5 course meals that will send your guest’s palette on an adventure of your favourite travels while the other partner will kill for a fresh and tasty brunch. Work closely with your planner to hire a catering team who can knock both of these culinary specialties OUT of the box so you don’t have to necessarily compromise on your food selections but rather, invest and strategize how best to showcase what you both really love and enjoy.

A few things we recommend – from a planner’s perspective:

Hire A Planner: When you’re planning on hosting people over several days, it is at that time more than ever that you need a professional to manage, advocate, produce, and execute each event on your behalf. As much as your family will want to help and take on certain tasks during the planning process or the days leading up to the events, when the time comes they will want to enjoy the celebrations. We’ve produced multiple multi-day weddings and events and I can guarantee you that every single time the Bride and/or Groom said their parents or siblings would take care of a certain day, they end up contracting us to take over the entirety of the events because there’s way too much going on for them to handle between hosting out-of-town guests and getting themselves ready. Save yourself the headache and hire someone to oversee your entire event and bring in the right vendor team to execute your days.

Your Vendor Team: It’s so important to work with the same creative team for all events as much as possible. As a planner, we are hired to build a team of creative partners who all have the same goal which is to fulfill your wishes and turn your vision into a real-life experience. By keeping the same vendors, you’re allowing them to truly understand the intentionality behind each decision and become devoted to making your event exactly what you dreamed it would be. One team, one dream.

Tell A Story: Identify true meaning behind each day and the importance of the day for both of you. From your catering, to entertainment, to your design and floral selections – tell your story and be intentional with each decision you make. Monogrammed paper napkins, special custom-made cocktails, using the exact flowers that were blooming in the park/garden where you proposed – no detail is too small or insignificant. And when these decisions are made, it is one of our priorities to communicate this to your team (especially your photo and video teams) to ensure all details are captured.

As I mentioned, we LOVE multi-day affairs around here and…we’re great at it! If you or someone you know is planning a multi-day wedding or event, don’t be shy – get in touch. 🙂

xo Amanda

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