Day Two was reserved for their Hindu Ceremony - which also happened to be the day there was a nationwide internet outage. Our team had to think fast, pivot, and do everything we could to keep their special day moving along. From hot-spotting our phones to play music to letting family and guests use our phones to make calls - it was all hands on deck for us. Hindu Ceremonies, a cultural and traditional ceremony, is an opportunity to bestow great luck and honour to the couple and their families. The Groom's family lead the way with planning, including the design of the beautiful Mandap with the decor company, until we took over a few weeks before and managed the entire day. When working on such intimate events - we serve as the ultimate supporter to the host family; every detail is significant. We're paying attention, anticipating issues, and getting the job done so the couple and their families can enjoy the day. Looking back on these photos, all we can say is "Wow".

infinity convention centre

Jessica & Mohit