Are you hosting your wedding or event over several days? Maybe you’re having a welcome party, your wedding day, and a farewell brunch or perhaps you’re hosting a really lavish multi-day Indian wedding? Multi-day affairs are actually our favourite weddings and events to plan and produce. Not only are they a logistical dream for us […]

It might sound crazy but I 100% encourage prospective couples to interview more than one planner during every single consultation. Why? Because it’s SO important that you feel a connection with your wedding planner. Wedding planning is an intense, emotional, and fun experience and I want couples to enjoy the entire experience from beginning to […]

I find that custom wedding invitations and stationery is a world most of my couples aren’t too familiar with. Is it worth it? When should we start shopping around for stationery designers? What information does my designer need before I book their services? I get a lot of questions about it and so I decided […]

First of all, a HUGE congratulations on your engagement! Woo! I genuinely get so excited for couples when they decided to take that next big step in their relationship. I love celebrating love, unity, and commitment. But for real, you’re ENGAGED! AHH! You’re probably freaking out with excitement, wanting to scream it at the top […]